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Haymarket Riot


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On May, in Chicago, there was a big rally gathered to get their rights of workers. The workers from other factories, they called to protest police actions against striking employees at the McCormick factory, who tried to force the workers to work eight hour a day.

After the Great Chicago Fire, the economy in Chicago went down. But, still, the wealth remained in the hands of men like Marshall Field, George Pullman, Cyrus McCormick and Phillip Danforth Armour. Because of these people, they could still produce their products well.

The workers at the factory worked 10 to 12 hours, six days a week, for a little pay. This was very hard conditions for the workers. Than, at the McCormick Harvester Factory, the workers went on strike for a protest to work 8 hours a day.Polices were trying to stop them. The workers protested for their rights also! A crowd of 20,000 were there on a rainy day, and the crowd was keep increasing as the time passed by. More than 700 police were there also to stop the protest, even though the mayor said that the rally was a peaceful gathering.

This became a big movemet for the workers, and this was the Haymarket Square Riot.


This painting is a confrontation between police and protestors at the Haymarket Square in Chicago. Smoke from an explosion drifts in the background. On the ground, there are dead or wounded people.  


This article contributed by Nina Ahn

The police statue